Eric is Rosenberg & Ball’s Managing Partner. His civil litigation practice includes dozens of trials and multiple verdicts exceeding $1,000,000.00. Eric has represented more than 100 students in Title IX university level disciplinary proceedings and filed more than 20 lawsuits on behalf falsely accused students. Eric also serves on boards for SAVE and FACE - two national organizations advancing the rights of the falsely accused.

Helping College and University Students

Eric and the other attorneys at Rosenberg & Ball have assisted falsely accused individuals address Title IX disciplinary issues at universities such as:

The majority of firms’ clients that filed lawsuits ended up reaching settlements with defendant universities. The Title IX resource section contains court decisions from some of these cases such as: (a) Doe v. Purdue Univ., 2020 WL 2839177 (N.D. Ind. June 1, 2020); (b) Doe v. Miami Univ., 882 F.3d 579 (6th Cir. Feb. 9, 2018); (c) Gischel v. Univ. of Cincinnati, No. 1:17-cv-475-SJD, 2018 WL 705886 (S.D.W.D.OH Feb. 5, 2018); (d) Doe v. Ohio State Univ., No. 2:16-CV-171, 2017 WL 951464 (S.D. Ohio Mar. 10, 2017); (e) Schaumleffell v. Muskingum University, Case No. 2:17-cv-463 (S.D.OH. Mar. 6, 2018); (f) Doe v. Univ. of Chicago, No. 16-C-8298, 2017 WL 4163960, at *10 (N.D. Ill. Sept. 20, 2017); and (g) Doe v. Salisbury Univ., 123 F. Supp. 3d 748, 768 (D. Md. 2015).

In reaching these settlements, the firm’s clients were able to put the nightmares of their false allegations firmly behind them by getting: (a) defendant universities to expunge sexual misconduct findings from their disciplinary records, and (b) many accusers to acknowledge making false allegations of sexual misconduct.

In addition to practicing law, Eric is the Executive Director of PWCA - a non-profit that assists employers from across the United States address issues related to federal, state and local prevailing wage law compliance. Locally, Eric has served on the board of Welsh Hills School in Granville Ohio. Eric also taught as an adjunct faculty member at Ohio Dominican University for more than 10 years teaching business law to MBA students. And, from 2008-2012, Eric served as Executive Director of Trade Justice Mission - a non-profit creating economic development opportunities for trafficked, impoverished, and marginalized women in Asia, Africa, and North America. Finally, but most importantly, Eric is the proud father of twin daughters who are currently attending college – with an eye on law school.

Client Review

Our son was accused of 'Sexual Misconduct' via a Title IX action initiated by his university over the last year. This false accusation was greatly traumatic for our son as well as our entire family during the months it took for the process to proceed. We were extremely fortunate to retain Eric Rosenberg to help, counsel and guide us during the ensuing agonizing series of investigations, hearings and appeals. Eric was very experienced and knowledgeable in Title IX actions and processes and we feel that his skilled representation is largely the reason we were able to prevail against the university in our case. Our son has continued his education and is to graduate this year. Not only did we rely on Eric's legal skills and knowledge, we were constantly comforted by his accessibility. We could always reach him whenever we had a concern or question. This quality was invaluable for us as we endured this unfair and seemingly endless process. We highly recommend his assistance in any similar situation.

It is rare that you come across a person like Eric Rosenberg. Eric is dedicated to helping those who have been found "guilty" of Title IX offenses simply by being accused. Working with Eric over the last few months I find it incredible that every time we called, emailed or messaged Eric, we always had a personal response in a matter of minutes, hours or that day, including holidays and weekends. We were always aware when he might not be reachable but we always help available through his office. We don't believe we could have anyone else who was more knowledgeable, hardworking,and caring defending our son than Eric. Eric was open and honest with us throughout each step of the process. He took the time to explain things to our son and provide him with guidance that sometimes my son did not want to hear from his parents. Eric's empathy as a parent, father and person show through. We can't express how important it is to hire the right person for the job you need not just the person down the street. Eric was excellent to work with and we know he made a difference in our outcome. We are very thankful we found Eric Rosenberg!

Parent of Falsely-Accused Student

Mr Rosenberg came with the highest recommendation by advocate groups that support "Due Process" of the law, and other practicing attorneys. Mr Rosenberg high level of competency, knowledge, and expertise are impressive. He takes the time to answer our questions, and is very responsive to our concerns. I am very grateful and blessed to him for his willingness to help and his representation. Mr Eric Rosenberg has my highest recommendation!

First, the attorney added empathy with professionalism. He took time to understand my situation and the financial mess in which i found myself.He explained the details of what he is about to do and enabled me to make the choice that would be good for me.Honestly i never knew the difference between chapter 7 and chapter 13 and others and their implications until l met this lawyer who explained everything to me.He was honest and straightforward in every-way he handled my case. I was surprised to see him wrote what he charged me in doing the filling in the filing papers. He told me, that was the standard fees and I was surprised because I have heard from friends of high fees you have to pay to file Bankruptcy.His attitude and the manner of handling my case gave me some peace even in my disturbing moments.He was really good at what he did because he did everything and completed the processing with speed and accuracy.He never left me in want or doubt of what to do he explained to me what to expect and what to do should in case any creditor is trying to harass me.He readily answered all my question and that helped to reduce my stress level.It was hard for me to believe that i could enjoy such peace that i had after the experience all because of how he handled my case. Two weeks after the experience I wrote him a text thanking him and said it was hard for me to believe that I could have a second chance which is what bankruptcy has given me. I am really thankful that I met him and I will go all out telling people of my experience with him.

Working with Eric Rosenberg felt like working with an old friend. He is professional and caring at the same time. We were impressed with his knowledge and legal skills. He was always available to receive our calls and answer our questions. We knew we were in hands we could trust while going through a difficult situation. We highly recommend Eric Rosenberg.


To understand more about Eric's practice and its reputation, explore this sampling of his work in the press.

Mother Jones, March-April 2020 "She Said, He Sued: How libel law is being turned against MeToo accusers"

Baltimore Sun, July 8, 2019 "Ex-UMBC baseball players, part of national trend, turning tables on sexual assault accuser in court"

The Columbus Dispatch, January 28, 2019 "Comment on new federal rules for college sexual assault cases ends this week"

Cincinnati Star-Tribune, February 8, 2018 "Court rules in favor of male student in sexual-assault case"

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The Chronicle of Higher Education, July 19, 2017 "Students Accused of Sexual Assault Have the Government's Ear. What Are Their Goals?"

The College Fix, January 25, 2017 "Due-process group launches campaign to 'End Kangaroo Courts' on campus, bring back 'rule of law'"

CBS 8 San Diego Interview, January 23, 2017 Click here to access audio file

USA Today, December 27, 2016 "Male ex-student accused of rape sues school, woman"

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The Washington Post, September 24, 2016 "Amid tougher repercussions for campus sex assault, more men sue accusers"

NY Daily News, September 2, 2016 Male Student Suing University of Chicago over Title IX

The Daily Universe, September 1, 2016 "Advocacy Group claims students accused of sexual assault at universities treated unfairly"

The Columbus Dispatch, December 28, 2014 "Title IX often used to force students to investigate sexual assaults"

Title IX Litigation CLE Training

Fifth Annual Symposium on Representing Students Accused of Sexual Assault Misconduct In a Rapidly Changing Legal Landscape, April 5, 2019, The Next Frontier: Discovery to Head Off Title IX Summary Judgment Arguments and The Next Frontier PowerPoint Presentation

CBA: Title IX and Student Sexual Assault Litigation, October 2017 Title IX Claims and Representing the Accused


To read the decision's of Eric's cases, see the list below.

June 2020 Doe vs Purdue University

August 2018 Doe vs The Ohio State University

June 2018 Gischel vs University of Cincinnati

June 2018 Gischel vs University of Cincinnati

February 2018 Doe vs Miami University

February 2018 Doe vs Miami University

January 2018 Gischel vs University of Cincinnati

CBA: Title IX and Student Sexual Assault Litigation, October 2017 Title IX Claims and Representing the Accused

September 2017 Doe vs University of Chicago

August 2017 Doe vs OWU

July 2017 Gischel vs University of Cincinnati

March 2017 Doe vs The Ohio State University

February 2017 Doe vs University of Chicago

August 2015 Doe et al vs Salisbury University

June 2015 Doe vs Salisbury University