Non-Profit Organizations Advocacy

Our firm has extensive experience assisting nonprofit and religious organizations with all aspects of their operations, including formation, dissolution, governance, intellectual property, contract, tax exemption application and employment issues.

Our clients include regional and national religious organizations, whose satisfaction with our services speaks volumes about the level of our expertise in this area.

David Ball is the lead attorney for Nonprofit organizations at Rosenberg & Ball. He has a special interest in advocating for nonprofit organizations, because he understands the essential role they play in our society. After returning to Ohio in 1995, he served as a pastor and then college chaplain at Denison University before shifting back to the legal field. In recognition of his accomplishments, David Ball was named Outstanding Young Nonprofit Lawyer by the American Bar Association in 2010. Mr. Ball is also past Co-Chair of the American Bar Association’s Religious Organizations Subcommittee. Equally importantly, due to our low overhead, our nonprofit rates are generally affordable for most organizations.